Gamewell Technology

The Gamewell manager runs tabletop platforms that make use of the reacTIVision system, an open source, cross-platform computer vision framework. The framework allows for robust tracking of tagged objects through fiducial markers attached to the bottom of the objects, as well as multi-touch finger tracking. It implements the TUIO protocol, which communicates between the table and the client, tracking finger-touches, location and orientation of physical objects.

Games developed for the Gamewell table use Microsoft's XNA framework which supports user interaction with both 2D and 3D environments.

The Gamewell Manager

The Gamewell Manager provides a framework for launching Gamewell games, and keeps track of player profiles, statistics, and error logs. It serves as an interface through which the games interact with the table. A template of Gamewell games is being developed to standardize certain key controls that every game should allow for, such as restarting the game, returning to the manager's main menu, pausing the game, etc.

The manager maintains the overall state of the game system and communicates with the sensing system. It forwards object and finger interaction received from the table to the current game that is running. When a game receives information from the manager, it updates the in-game interactions and settings accordingly, and sends a message back to the manager with persistent data and updates such as player profiles, errors for logging purposes, and shutdown notifications.

The key components contained within the Manager Framework include the Manager object, the TUIOInterfaceObject (TUIOIO), the GWGame object, the ManagerBackendInterfaceObject (MBIO), the Message object, and the ManagerBackendState.